Feature Film Production Co: Narrative Films Director: Tyler Russell DP: Nick Gardner Colorist: Louis Kreusel
Asteroid Hunters
IMAX Documentary Production Co: IMAX, Days End Pictures Producers: Phil Groves, Jini Durr Director: WD Hogan DP: Sean MacLeod Phillips, ASC Colorist: Louis Kreusel
Death Alley
Feature Film Production Co: Prestigious Films Produced and Directed by Nicholas Barton Colorist: Louis Kreusel
Nothing Stays The Same: The Story of the Saxon Pub
Documentary Feature, SXSW Audience Award Winner Production Co: Big Day Pictures Producers: Lisa Kay Pfannenstiel, Jeffrey Brown Director: Jeff Sandmann Colorist: Louis Kreusel Finish: Stuck On On
Deadman Standing
Feature Film Production Co: Prestigious Films Distributor: Lionsgate Producer and Director: Nick Barton DP: James Kwan Colorist: Louis Kreusel
Lazer Team 2
Feature Film Production Co: Rooster Teeth, YouTube Red Directors: Daniel Fabelo & Matt Hullum DP: Philip Roy Colorists: Parke Gregg & Louis Kreusel
Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience
IMAX Documentary Production Co: IMAX, Sycamore Pictures Producers: Sarah Green, Nic Gonda Director: Terrence Malick Shot on 65mm film and Red Epic by Paul Atkins Colorist: Louis Kreusel
Tell The World
Feature Film Production Co: AMN Producer: Neal Allen Director: Kyle Portbury DP: Peter Moss ASC, ACS Colorist: Louis Kreusel
Feature Film Production Co's: Endurance Productions, Lotus Producer and Director: Craig Shimahara DP: Andrew Russo Colorist: Louis Kreusel
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